Multicooker -
Pressure Cooker-Smoker

SK-A60<br>Multicooker - Pressure Cooker-SmokerMain heating element power  — 1300W
Additional heating element power- 170W
LED display
Hi-tech DUPONT coated bowl
Bowl with  built-in heating element
Keep Warm function up to 12 hours
Cooking time setting up to 24 hours
Cooking time delay up to 24 hours
13 cooking programs
Operating pressure: 0 - 80 kPA
Permissible pressure -  90 kPA
Accessories:  charring  cup with a lid, 2 racks (SK-A60), 3 racks (SK-A80)
measuring cup, spoon, detachable power cord,
silicone plug for bowl connector  
9 types of protection
Lid fixation system
Detachable lid
Detachable pressure valve
Two safety valves
Internal pressure regulator
Thermal sensor
Thermal protector
Two safety locks on the  lid
Bypass valve
Sound notification
Best for cooking all kinds of dishes
Best for diet and baby food
Time saving

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